May 14, 2008

So sad...

Our local St. Vincent de Paul store is CLOSING!!!! It's my absolute FAVORITE thrift store!!! I've found so many neat things there. Hubby and I are both bummed, as he has caught the thrifting bug as well. The only TS's around here now are a small Humane Society store and an over-priced Goodwill. What am I gonna do???? Gone is the thrill of the hunt! Hmmm... maybe it's a sign that I don't need any more stuff!?!?! But but but... I still have a whole wall in the kitchen crying out for something cool. With gas prices so high, running around to yard and garage sales seems like a daunting endeavor, but I'm sure I will succumb to the overpowering need to scrounge in someone else's junk!! It's a sickness, I tell ya!!!

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  1. You'll just have to come here! We still have plenty...


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