October 30, 2010

{ Punkin make-over }

Here's the little terracotta punkin I got the other day on our thrift store run....


She's so sweet!!!

October 29, 2010

{ A sad day in Blogland... }

or at least here at Lori Lynn's Cottage. My beautiful GREEN PUMPKIN is already rotten. ~weeping copious tears~

Rest in peace, oh lovely one. You brought me much joy during your short sweet life  :-(

With tongue firmly in cheek,

October 28, 2010

{ Thriftin' fun yesterday }

Feeling a little cabin-feverish, MDH and I decided to go thriftin'. Lot's of folks were out and about with the same idea, as all the TS's were crowded. There was a holiday mood in the air, probably due to the change in the weather. I managed to snag some sweeties....

a couple cute mirrors...one to leave as is and one to paint white....

terra cotta punkin to paint white, of course, and a sweet Russian nesting doll. Unfortunately, all the little inside dolls are missing, but she's still cute :-)

three transfer ware salad plate...

three Fire King mugs...

sweet little cross stitch teacup and a little ceramic candle holder with roses...

a bunch of these to make some of THESE....

two Homer Laughlin plates in my favorite patterns....

a great Christmas topiary...needs a little work, but it's in the cutest shabby, chippy metal pot.

and lastly, my favorite find of the day. I've been needing a new reading lamp for some time. Here it is. The lamp is nothing to write home about, but, OH, the shade is to die for!!!!

 It's not round...more of an 8 panel oval with the front and back middle panels being wider then the rest. I love it SO much!

Got a couple more cute things, but I'm not going to show you 'cuz they're going in MY GIVEAWAY!!!
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October 27, 2010

{ A cat for White Wednesday? }

The past week just shot by, and I didn't have anything prepared for WW, so I thought I'd share photos of my silly white cat. Some cats are what I call 'container kitties', some are not. This one has the CK gene in spades! He'll curl up in anything! Enjoy!

Linking up with Kathleen at FADED CHARM for White Wednesday!

October 26, 2010

{ It's brrrr cold today! }

There's been a drastic turn in our weather. We went from sunny upper to 60's to dreary lower 50's in the blink of an eye...but that is typical for Central Oregon! We even got a skiff of snow last night. I wanted to go out and do a Goodwill run, but decided to cozy down in the house.

I would love to be sitting here............

reading this....

but, instead, I have decided to do this......

You see, all of my doilies and dresser scarves have somehow picked up black kitty hairs from this....

So...time for a little spruce-up!!!

What's on YOUR agenda today???

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October 25, 2010

{ A sweet giveaway }

Rebecca at A GATHERING PLACE is having the sweetest giveaway!!!

You have til midnight on Oct. 29th to enter. Hop on over and see the sweet pink Christmas goodies that she's offering for one lucky entrant!

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October 24, 2010

{ That old feeling }

Halloween isn't even over yet and I'm already starting to feel that old feeling of sadness that I won't be with my 'kids' for the holidays. It's a tough time of year for me. I have one dear daughter who moved her family to the east coast about 6 years ago. When they left I had three sweet grand-babies. Since they've been there, they have added two more. Two sweet little girls that I have never seen. Pictures just don't replace the feel of their soft little bodies and the smell of their hair and skin. It's difficult to feel attached to one's that you have never had any physical contact with. Our schedules and finances aren't conducive to cross-country visits, and it breaks my heart. 

Well, enough of the 'poor me' drivel. I really just wanted to share the most recent photos of my kids. Taken in May of this year.

Hug your babies if they're near!!

October 22, 2010

{ Air Your Laundry Friday }

Thought I would link up with Jami at Freckled Laundry for
Air Your Laundry Friday link party!

Here is the plastic bag holder that I made out of a vintage tea towel! EZPZ, and I hand stitched it while watching TV!

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Hop on over to Jami's blog to see all the other textile projects!

October 21, 2010

{ A little bummed }

I needed some curtains for my craft room, and also needed a place to hang my vintage aprons. I came up with this cute idea....

It's pretty cute, BUT..the window is east facing and after 10 or 11 am, I get no light! The aprons make it too dark in the room, so they have to come down. ~big sad face~.

October 19, 2010

{ White Wednesday }

Happy White Wednesday everyone!!!

 One of my dreams is to have a white farmhouse someday, so I thought I'd share a few white farmhouse pics gathered around the interwebs :-)

My farmhouse MUST have a wraparound porch...

and I really want a sleeping porch...

lot's of trees around...

just general farmhousy-ness...

and then.....wait for it....

I see this....

WHO could resist the house from Practical Magic!?!?!
What a dream!!!!!

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October 15, 2010

{ I'm having a giveaway! }

I've been blogging for several years, and in the past, I have had a few giveaways for certain milestones...100, 200 posts, blog-o-versaries, etc.When we moved, back in March, I took a nearly 6 month hiatus from my blog. When I came back, I changed the name of my blog, changed the entire 'theme' of my blog, and was pleasantly surprised when I was welcomed back with open arms and enthusiasm!! Well, I missed my 300th post, AND my 2 year blog-o-versary.....SOOO, I have decided to have a "Just Because" giveaway as a huge Thank You to all of my new followers and all of the bloggers who have left such sweet comments on my posts day in - day out.

To make this giveaway special, I have decided that it is going to be a SURPRISE giveaway. I'm not going to tell you what's in it. Suffice it to say, I have been collecting pretty much daily...there are now 11 items set aside for the lucky winner, and I'm not through adding yet!!

All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post telling me how you found my blog (if you remember, that is. I know how easy it is to get 'lost' blog hopping!!) You don't need to become a 'follower', but you can if you want :-) If you post about the giveaway the get a second entry, and if you put my giveaway button on your sidebar, you get another one. Each entry MUST be a separate comment in order for the random number generator to work effectively!

This giveaway is open to ALL bloggers, regardless of which continent you live on! I'll ship anywhere :-)

You have until Halloween night, October 31st at midnight to sign-up. Please do! And tell all of your friends about it!!! I will pick a winner November 1st. I'm so excited to be doing this for all my old and new friends!

You can find my giveaway button on my sidebar complete with html for you to copy!

Lovies to you all!!!

October 12, 2010

{ Heart of the Home Party }

It's time! Party on! I present to you the heart of MY home :-)
(click on any piccie for bigger view)


Linkin to NOTE SONGS "Heart of the Home" Party :-)