October 28, 2010

{ Thriftin' fun yesterday }

Feeling a little cabin-feverish, MDH and I decided to go thriftin'. Lot's of folks were out and about with the same idea, as all the TS's were crowded. There was a holiday mood in the air, probably due to the change in the weather. I managed to snag some sweeties....

a couple cute mirrors...one to leave as is and one to paint white....

terra cotta punkin to paint white, of course, and a sweet Russian nesting doll. Unfortunately, all the little inside dolls are missing, but she's still cute :-)

three transfer ware salad plate...

three Fire King mugs...

sweet little cross stitch teacup and a little ceramic candle holder with roses...

a bunch of these to make some of THESE....

two Homer Laughlin plates in my favorite patterns....

a great Christmas topiary...needs a little work, but it's in the cutest shabby, chippy metal pot.

and lastly, my favorite find of the day. I've been needing a new reading lamp for some time. Here it is. The lamp is nothing to write home about, but, OH, the shade is to die for!!!!

 It's not round...more of an 8 panel oval with the front and back middle panels being wider then the rest. I love it SO much!

Got a couple more cute things, but I'm not going to show you 'cuz they're going in MY GIVEAWAY!!!
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  1. Love your finds! I like that lamp shade. So soft and pretty. Love all the plates, cups and mirrors, too!
    Great job!

  2. Isn't pokin' around the thrift store so much fun?! You were SUCCESSFUL and uncovered some great treasures!

  3. What lovely finds, I especially like the little rose ceramic candle holder.
    Ann x

  4. Oh Lori Lynn, you did good girl. My favorites are your HL plates. Their based in WV and they have big plate sales one or twice a year. I love your patterns here.
    Amy :)


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