February 24, 2011

[ Dreary, snowy day off... }

...so I have decided to sit and read today! My most favorite books in my collection are my vintage books. I collect Victoria Holt, Phillipa Car, Norah Lofts, Phyllis A. Whitney..among countless others. Recently I finished Rose Cottage by Mary Stewart.

From Amazon.com : Mary Stewart launched a world full of romance readers, and she invented romantic suspense. In this beautifully written gothic, Kate Herrick, a young widow in war-torn London, returns to her family home of Rose Cottage to retrieve family mementos for her Gran. When Kate arrives, she finds that the mementos have mysteriously disappeared. While looking for answers to age-old family mysteries (her single mother supposedly ran off with gypsies) Kate rekindles friendships with neighbors, kinsman, and old childhood companions. The bittersweet memories that Kate examines help her to redefine herself as a widow and as a young woman with a great need for family ties.

I enjoyed Rose Cottage very much, so I decided I'd give another of her books a go. I have decided on Thornyhold.

Also from Amazon.com: This old-fashioned gothic romance is as good as they get. When Gilly's witch aunt leaves Thornyhold to her, a house in the middle of the woods, Gilly finds that she has inherited far more than she realized. Along with the house comes a cat, a still room filled with herbs (and a missing recipe book), an attic chamber with carrier pigeons (who have secret messages), and an attractive neighbor whose young son offers the sacred and unique blessing of friendship. But Thornyhold possesses far more than even these simple offerings. The place itself seems to convoke otherworldly gifts as well: Gilly cultivates the abilities to heal and to foresee the future once she makes Thornyhold her home.

Sounds like the perfect book for a dreary, snowy day :-) What are you reading these days???

February 22, 2011

[ I just could NOT wait! }

I absolutely had to change my banner. Maybe now Old Man Winter will take the hint and GO AWAY!!! His time is over!! LOL!

 Yer outta here Mister!!

February 17, 2011

{ I'd almost given up... }

... on Goodwill. My last three trips garnered NOTHING. Maybe I'm just getting more selective..I don't know. BUT, I decided to give it one more try yesterday. I have been looking for two specific things, and I found them both!! Yay! We've been in this house for a year now, and I haven't been able to find a valance that I liked for my big dining room window. Eureka! Check out this sheet I found at GW!! It will make the PERFECT valance, and there will be enough left to make a nightie or a sun dress!

Isn't it scrumptious???? I've also been looking for a round lace tablecloth...here it is! Not EXACTLY what I wanted, but it'll do for now.

These days I'm all about blankies and throws ,cuz it's been so cold. I don't like to turn up the heat, so we bundle up. I love it when I find pretty ones. Basil likes this one, too.

AND, I'm always on the lookout for orphaned creamers or sugar bowls. This one was 99 cents. Another piece for my collection. 

Guess I learned my lesson..never give up on Goodwill!

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February 15, 2011


Just when I thought our nice 50-60 degree sunny days heralded a possible SPRING, I woke to this.....

This is the view out our front door. Dumped 7 inches since midnight and it's STILL coming down!!! Guess I will curl up with my coffee and make more of these....

Thank heavens I don't have to work today!!!!

February 14, 2011

{ Valentine's Day kisses... }

...for you!

Hope you get lot's of sweet kisses today!!!

February 8, 2011

{ Nothing says SPRING like... }

Here's a few from around my house....

Spring can't come too soon for me! How about you?

February 4, 2011

{ It's official...I'm a HOOKER! }

Those of you who follow my blog will remember that I'm trying to re-teach my self crochet, and that I promised to show you my first effort. Well, after MUCH grumbling, much tearing out..stitches AND hair and lot's of internet searching...I finished a Granny Square!! Yay me! It's a little rough, but a good first. Took awhile to get the rhythm and the tension right. I finally settled on this website for instructions. Clear and concise! I plan to make a throw for the sofa, so...one down 98 to go!!
Tell me what you think... and be nice :-)

February 3, 2011

{ Goodies in the mail... }

Got home from work after dark yesterday, and when I walked to the door I thought "hmm...someone left me a box of cereal. How odd."

Upon closer inspection, I discovered it to be my giveaway win from Rachel at Chippy Cottage Charm! What a novel way to ship a package!! Inside was this darling Vera Bradley bag...how she knew that I adore Vera Bradley is a mystery!

Inside the bag was a tissue wrapped bundle tied with pretty pink ribbon and a rose pin......

Oh what a pretty bunch of goodies was inside! This darling little altered slip....

And these little bits and bobs...Lace, buttons,glitter,  rick rack, lovely little vintage towel..and my favorite, a sweet brooch made out of what looks to be a white hankie with a little white bob in the center. 

(please excuse the poor quality of photos this morning)


February 1, 2011

{ Romantic Homes magazine... }

Anyone else have trouble with them? They have lost issues, sent several late. They keep blaming my mail carrier. I have FIVE magazine subs and they are the only ones who can't get my magazine to me in a timely manner.  The February issue is out in the stores over a week now. I do not have mine. I'm really ticked off right now. Grrrrr.