June 27, 2009

Pink Saturday! (I'm late)

Happy Pink Saturday and I'm late posting again! LOL! Click on the pretty china girl to take you to a list of other bloggers posting their pinkies! And, once again, thank you to Beverly for hosting this pink extravaganza!

WOW! This means that my last three posts have been Pink Saturday! LOL! Blogging has been low on my priority list these days. Here are my contributions for today, again, found on my travels through Ebay-land. Enjoy!!

Isn't this crinoline scrumptious!!!!

I would SO wear these vintage shoes! Alas, not my size :-(

I would so NOT wear these.
Did people really wear these atrocious disco shoes???
Too funny!!!!!

Do you all remember when you could get COLORED TP? I do!

That's all for this weeks post. Have a wonderful weekend!!

June 13, 2009

Pink Saturday...

..has sneaked up on me again! I don't have any of my own things to share this week, but I've always found it fun to search for vintage pink items on eBay and share them with you. Here are a few...

a dustpan..sweet!

I want this pot!!!

travel razor and case..Cute!

picnic stove!

gorgeous compact...

yummy pink party dress!!

Don't forget to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more pinkaliciousness!

June 6, 2009

Pink Saturday!

Well, I have missed the last two PS's. including the 1year anniversary! Where have I been? Slacking, of course. Not really... we had some glorious weather so we spent most of our time in the yard. This past week has been rainy and cold. Yuck.

On to Pink Saturday. I don't have much to share this week. Just a few oddments.

I found the most luscious pink spray paint! Pink has now officially migrated to the yard, much to MDH's chagrin. I painted these pot hangers to hang my white baskets full of pink portulaca.

I've been bugging MDH to let me get a tiny chihuahua. Yeah, just call me Paris. We have two dogs already, but a girl can dream. In the meantime I found 'her' a sweet basket and baby blankies to wrap her up in when I get her. Wishful thinking!

Found these sweet vintage playing cards on Ebay. Pink roses!

And here is my little pot of sweet impatiens. The perfect shade of pink :-)

Please visit sweet Beverly, our Pink Hostess for this weeks list of Pinkies! Enjoy!

Elyse of Cottage: Tinkered Treasures is having an awesome giveaway! Be sure to sign up!

June 1, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures...

Been away from Blogland for awhile. Been busy working in the yard, but we did manage to hit some yard sales and thrift stores on Saturday!

Got this pretty Homer Laughlin platter, an address book for my purse and a birdhose for my collection...

a sweet chippy pink picture frame, a couple vintage kitchen things, vintage hangers from old Dry Cleaners, two sweet tiny rosy saucers.....

an awesome old shortening can...

two vintage refrigerator dishes...

this awesome shelf...

a Victorian greenhouse/terrarium..for 2.00!

two cute little planters...

four new gnomes for the yard...

this is my new gardening hat....

and the last awesome thing.....

an antique bed for ......................8.00!!! It's in awesome, sturdy shape, and I plan to paint it a creamy white for the new guestroom. I'm still in shock that it was so cheap!!!

and what great thrifty goods did you find over the weekend???