February 17, 2011

{ I'd almost given up... }

... on Goodwill. My last three trips garnered NOTHING. Maybe I'm just getting more selective..I don't know. BUT, I decided to give it one more try yesterday. I have been looking for two specific things, and I found them both!! Yay! We've been in this house for a year now, and I haven't been able to find a valance that I liked for my big dining room window. Eureka! Check out this sheet I found at GW!! It will make the PERFECT valance, and there will be enough left to make a nightie or a sun dress!

Isn't it scrumptious???? I've also been looking for a round lace tablecloth...here it is! Not EXACTLY what I wanted, but it'll do for now.

These days I'm all about blankies and throws ,cuz it's been so cold. I don't like to turn up the heat, so we bundle up. I love it when I find pretty ones. Basil likes this one, too.

AND, I'm always on the lookout for orphaned creamers or sugar bowls. This one was 99 cents. Another piece for my collection. 

Guess I learned my lesson..never give up on Goodwill!

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  1. Looks like you did really well at Goodwill! I did pretty good myself today, and just did a post with the treasures I found ~ there have been many times when I've walked in hoping to find something wonderful, but leave empty-handed. But you never know unless you go inside, 'cuz there may be that something special just waiting for you :)

    Thanks for sharing your sweet treasures with us, and wishing you a wonderful up-coming weekend!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  2. Lovely Finds! I think I need to get a bit more 'selective' as my little house is filling up with all the treasures Ive been bring home. Scarlett x

  3. You shoot and score! Love Good Will and Catholic Charities here. We also have another one that Rebecca scouts out all the time and she finds us the bestest things!
    Love your valance to be! It's going to be so cute!
    We have a lot of throws and I just keep collecting them...you never know when you might need another one.
    Rebecca just gave me another tea cup like the one I got in your give away! It's the same on the outside, but has different flowers on the inside! I'm tickled pink!
    Never, ever give up! Crazy people get rid of good stuff everyday!
    Hugs- Tete

  4. Lovely finds hun, love the valance!! NEVER give up on Goodwill... just find another one ;O) I find that some have nothing while others have a ton!! I have a favorite one that is a little drive for me but well worth it and last year they put in a Salvation Army right down the street from it... yippy!! TYFS! Have a wonderful evening! Tammy

  5. Love your finds!...especially that pretty jug.
    Thanks for dropping by. :0)

  6. What a wonderful darling attractive blog. I have just had the best time pouring over all your lovely posts.

  7. Oh my gosh! Let me tell you a little history behind your sheet. It comes from a comforter set from Penney's that was in their catalog at least 20 years ago. The reason I know is because I bought the whole set for my daughter who is in her 30's now. I still have it. I have the twin comforter, the striped dust ruffle that I still use, pillow sham and two balloon style valances. I love the fabric and it has that shabby look that is so popular now.

    I'd love to see pics of what you make with it.

  8. Great finds! I guess you did learn an important lesson!!

  9. You found some really pretty things. You never know when you will score some finds when thrifting. Looks like it was your day.


  10. A great lesson that I needed today! I've put off going to GW myself b/c the last couple of times was just blah. I'm going out of town tomorrow and hope to scope out some different GW's.
    Love all your treasures!

  11. Thanks for sharing your thrifty finds. I know what you mean about the GW. It's hit or miss. I usually have much better luck at Amvets for some reason. Perhaps because they pick up from people's homes whereas GW donations have to be dropped off. I love the sheet you'll transform into a valence. I hope you share photos when you're done. I am visiting from Thrifty Thursday at Tales From Bloggeritaville. I hope you'll pop over to Cottage and Creek and say 'hi'.
    Happy Saturday!

  12. Great finds! I’ve gone to our Goodwill to see if I could find any goodies since so many of you have luck there and I found nothing. They had only clothes really. A small shelf with home goods and that was it--I was so disappointed. You did good!

  13. The valance fabric is so pretty! Some days at the thrift are diamonds....other days...coal. My last few trips haven't been great, but I'll not give up, cuz I know there will be good days.

  14. I haven't been finding much either-I'm glad though-too much already and I'm needing to change the way I think about stuff. Spending time with my grams at the nursing home has helped with that and I'm also trying to be more picky-great finds!


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