October 26, 2010

{ It's brrrr cold today! }

There's been a drastic turn in our weather. We went from sunny upper to 60's to dreary lower 50's in the blink of an eye...but that is typical for Central Oregon! We even got a skiff of snow last night. I wanted to go out and do a Goodwill run, but decided to cozy down in the house.

I would love to be sitting here............

reading this....

but, instead, I have decided to do this......

You see, all of my doilies and dresser scarves have somehow picked up black kitty hairs from this....

So...time for a little spruce-up!!!

What's on YOUR agenda today???

PS: There's still time to sign up for my GIVEAWAY!!!


  1. It's cold and raining here today and it may snow later!!!
    It's a good day to nap..however getting stuff marked for the next sale...Christmas goodies.
    Deb :)

  2. Your kitty is beautiful and so are your doilies. I can totally relate to fur...we have a lot. Your book looks instersting--you love it? Where does it take place?
    Amy ~:>-


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