October 19, 2010

{ White Wednesday }

Happy White Wednesday everyone!!!

 One of my dreams is to have a white farmhouse someday, so I thought I'd share a few white farmhouse pics gathered around the interwebs :-)

My farmhouse MUST have a wraparound porch...

and I really want a sleeping porch...

lot's of trees around...

just general farmhousy-ness...

and then.....wait for it....

I see this....

WHO could resist the house from Practical Magic!?!?!
What a dream!!!!!

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  1. Happy White Wednesday! Hmmmm, I'll take ... All of the above! They're beautiful and I hope someday your farmhouse dream is realized!

  2. I agree! The house from Practical Magic is my favorite - love wrap around porches too!

  3. Never saw the PM house but I have the amazing kitchen on my blog. I think the outside is awesome. Jane F

  4. What beautiful homes to dream about. I think those same homes are in my dreams.

    Paryting with you. Stop by if you have a few minutes.

  5. I love old white farmhouses...that last one is a beauty!


  6. I love white houses too and the idea of a sleeping porch with a lovely white hammock dripping with lace and pillows...ahhhh. Don't wake me up from that dream!

  7. Great post! My favorite was #4! I was lucky to grow up in a big white farmhouse! It was such a cozy place to be with wood stove in the kitchen that heated to whole house.

  8. oh those houses! each one wonderful! did not remember how beautiful the house from Practical Magic was! love the wrap around porch of the first pic!


  9. I didn't care for the movie-but the house was great-it wasn't real though-how disappointing-wonderful details though!

  10. Great pictures and I love wrap around porches, too!

  11. The homes you shared today are just gorgeous! Hope your dreams of owning a farmhouse comes true... blessings~~~ Daphne

  12. love all the houses. Same dreams...
    I'm 50 and still reaching out for that vision, and maintaining HOPE!
    Maybe....it could happen! :-)
    dreaming with you. Thanks for the inspirational and awesome photos...

  13. YUMMMMMY post. I have never had a white house....aren't they sooo pretty.

    Warm blessings,

  14. Those are amazing farmhouses! There is a GORGEOUS one right up the road from us that we always say is "our house". It sat empty for so long and it may still be. Not sure. It has a beautiful wrap around porch.
    Happy WW!

  15. Wow... that was some fab eye candy!! I recognize a couple of the farm houses, especially the one from Practical Magic (L-O-V-E)!
    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pics!
    Happy WW!
    ~ Jo :)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by, and... yes, my roses were from David Austin. :)

  16. Hey!!! We share the same dream:) Those are some amazing houses, and yes, as long as we are dreaming the Practical Magic House is the best. Happy WW!

  17. All houses are so lovely...

    The house on Practical Magic is really a dream...
    even its interiors are so lovely and inviting:)

  18. Oh Lori Lynn, I found you through Bee Haven Acres. Your blog is so precious. Love the background and all the prettiness of it. As for this post--Love white farm housiness :) LOL That Practical Magic house--I would just love to live in that one too...pretty much all the ones you posted were wonderful :)

  19. I love white houses! Especially if they are in the country. These images are beautiful. Yes, I could definitely live in any of these beauties.


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