May 29, 2008


Not much of a perfume wearer these days. In fact, there are few perfumes being made that I even like. When I was younger wore fragrance all of the time. Thankfully I haven't fallen into the "older woman" thing of taking a bath in real strong, cloying sweet perfume. However, I do have some favorites that I wear on special occasions..light mistings I assure you. (actually I spray it in the air and walk through it)
Anyway, my favorite is Bill Blass. Fresh, light and very feminine. I also Like Anais Anais. BUT, I walked into one of our classrooms today and smelled something faint, and totally delightful. When I finally tracked down the wearer she told me that it is Possibilities by Ann Taylor, and all I can say is ahhhhh.... gotta have it.

Update: Found some on Ebay! Received it today, and it's all I thought it would be! YUM!!!

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