June 4, 2008

I confess....

...Imelda Marcos has nothing on me. My obsession with shoes is getting out of control. I think it's because I have an ultra-tiny foot (4 1/2), and I'm afraid that soon there won't BE any shoes for me anywhere, anyhow, anywho!! You see, when I was a teen, my size foot was the norm. Not a problem. But, as I got older, the average shoe size increased, so now a 7 or 8 is the norm. It's almost impossible to even find 5's, which I can wear if they are expensive because they run small. Most shoe runs start at 6 nowadays, so when I find a shoe that fits me I buy them all up!! Hence, my closet stuffed to the brim.

Last night I decided that, even though it's still cold and miserable out, it was time to do the seasonal closet shift of apparel from warm and fuzzy to barely there. We have an old fashioned closet that has big built in drawers at the bottom. That's where my out-of-season shoes are stored. Man, it was like Christmas!! I found some that I forgot I even had! (Yes, it's possible when you are an Ebay junkie like me.) Discovered that I had bought too many shoes and boots over the winter, now they don't all fit in the storage drawer. How many pair of BLACK footwear does one person need!! Good golly! Anyway, I present to you.. my new favorite pair. May we become fast friends.

hmmm..or maybe THESE are my favorites............

..then again..

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  1. Nice post!! if i am not wrong then those are crocs shoes. also got a pair from 6PM.com last month. Those are really very comfy, I can wear them in the mud, on the streets or in the water.


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