June 30, 2008

Last day of June....

Well, I feel the need to post only because it's my last chance to get a word in before the calendar turns over.

I have become obsessed with Pyrex. I search diligently everyday on Ebay and Etsy hoping to find that perfect piece. I've decided that my new favorite pattern is the pink Gooseberry pattern. I don't have pink anywhere in my house except the bathroom, but I am somehow drawn to it. Maybe I should get just a small bowl for the bathroom and keep hair clips in it just so I can have a piece of it. I did decide to keep the Butter Print bowl. It holds all of my sewing thread very nicely. Who says Pyrex is just for the kitchen?? I found two just the other day at Goodwill. Score!! A really nice Horizon Cinderella Handle bowl in perfect shape...

and a smaller Colonial Mist bowl, that has a small chip in the rim, but it's still dang cute.

I have three out of four of the Primary Color set; the big yellow, the green and the little blue. I have been trying and trying to complete the set with the red one, but I keep getting outbid on Ebay. Red is hard to come by, in good shape that is. A lot (most) of them have scratches. Hopefully I'll get lucky soon.

If you're a Pyrex fiend like me, check out Pyrex Love!

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