June 12, 2008

Schools out! Yay!

Yesterday was the last day of the school year. Unfortunately, being a private boarding school, we do have a 5 week summer session beginning on the 23rd. The upside is that it's a shorter day, and we only do fun classes like cooperative games, art classes, etc. It's pretty laid back and we can wear casual clothes.

This is our school house. Pretty cute, eh? It has a very interesting history, starting out as a country school house in 1928. My office is in the daylight basement around the back, and it's a sweet, pleasantly large and airy room to work in.

I really like my job, but I would SOOO like to retire!! Or, at the very least, drop down to part time. There are too many fun things I could be doing at home!! Unfortunately, to get my full retirement benefits I have to work another 10 YEARS!! Ah, me. Just need to make the best of it!!

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  1. "To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." great qoute


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