June 19, 2008


Boy Howdy! this has been a long week, and it ain't over yet! It's prep week at school, the calm before the summer session storm, and I'm trying to get caught up with paperwork, filing, etc., not to mention getting everything ready for the girls on Monday. Prep weeks are nice 'cuz I can play cds while I work, loud iffen I want :-) I'm not bothered with phone calls, whiny students or other staff needs. This week just seems to be dragging however. Methinks it's because the weather is phenomonal right now and I would rather be home in the garden.

Speaking of garden, I had inherited some green pvc vinyl trellises when a store I worked for closed down. We used to have them hanging on the side of our ancient, sagging garage for some color, but last week we decided to take them down and put them on fence surrounding the dog yard to pretty it up a tad. The fence was pretty rough as it was just thrown up in a hurry by two guys that really didn't know what they were doing! It was supposed to just be utile, but I couldn't take the sheer ugliness of it any longer. Now it looks like a 'secret garden' because you can't see into the dog yard as easily as you could before. I have great ideas sometimes..really I do!! :-)
Shoes of choice for today...

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