July 1, 2008

First July post...

Wow! It has been hot hot hot! Mid to upper 90's for the past three days. I'm melting!! But, hey! it's a dry heat so they say. :-)

We've been sorting every evening for our blow-out yard sale this coming weekend, but my craft studio that we're working on now used to be our living room and has huge south and west facing windows. That room gets like an oven in the summer and mini blinds and fans just don't do the trick. The only living creatures able to stand being in there are my houseplants. They LOVE it! It's like being in a greenhouse to them. So, needless to say, I don't get much crafting done in there in the summer unless it's early morning or late at night. It's supposed to cool off for the weekend, so maybe our yard sale will be a more pleasant experience. I'll be outside non-stop for three whole days! Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not to mention Thursday when we plan to get it all set-up ahead of time. heat and I don't get along for any length of time. I get cranky and really irritable. Call it old age I guess. I used to be able to bask in the Arizona sun, but no more. Give me 65 to 70 degrees and I'm happy as a clam.

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  1. I so wish I could go to your yard sale. We are driving through Oregon this week but not at the weekend. Wishing you the most success with it. We recently had it and it was so much fun. We woke up to clouds this morning so maybe it will be cooler your way too?


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