July 5, 2008

It's a miracle!!

Every year we have had lot's of baby birds born in the multitude of birdhouses on our property, but this year there are few due to the presence of a very mean Scrub Jay who runs everyone off. Most houses are empty this year, except for a couple far away from the house. The exception is a pair of starlings who set up house just outside of the family room sliding door, and a pair of Pygmy Nuthatches who, for the second year, have raised babies in a small hole in another tree off the family room. I could watch the coming and goings of the starlings as the house is in my line sight while watching TV.

I have always wanted to see babies fledge, but it always happens that one day they're there, the next day they are gone, having probably fledged in the wee hours of he morning, much to my disappointment. Imagine my shock and awe as I was watching TV last night at dusk, to see a baby starling launch itself out of the house directly onto the screen of the patio door where he hung for some seconds deciding what to do next!! I was beside myself, yelling "He fledged! He fledged!" to my husband, getting the dogs all in an uproar with my yelling. He tremulously flew off to another tree where the mean old Jay took notice of him and went after him, to what purpose I can only guess. I freaked out and ran out waving my arms to get the Jay off of the little guy, and the baby starling confidently flew off to join his mom who was calling him from another tree. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! What an experience! So imagine my delight when some 20 minutes later, I saw another little head peek out of the house. I had thought there to be only one baby! I thought to my self, maybe he'll fledge too! Sure enough, there he went! Two fledgings in the space of 30 minutes and I saw them both!!! Life is good :-)

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