August 13, 2008

Vacation... almost over and I didn't get all the sewing done that I anticipated I would. The ding dang laundry room took WAY longer then we thought. I did manage to make this last night. Sewn by hand while watching an old movie on TV.

It's a dispenser for plastic bags made out of a vintage kitchen towel. If I had it to do over I wouldn't have used such wide elastic, but it's still pretty cute. We never get plastic grocery bags as we use our own, so I save bread bags to use for cleaning kitty litter box. It hangs on the rack with my aprons right near the litter box. Very handy!

Yesterday I took all of my aprons down and washed and hung them on the line (except for the one I was wearing). I just stood and stared at them 'cuz they looked so purty out there! Don't you agree??


  1. They are VERY purty! Love them ALL!

    I'm wearing mine today, too!

  2. I swear if you lived closer, I would totally drive by and steal them all. Ok, that would be really mean. But, dang, they are so pretty!


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