August 8, 2008

Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Sunday is my birthday. And my driver license expires. Thought I had all my ducks in a row, so off I went to the DMV first thing this am. Took my number, and sat for 20 minutes. A nice guy came over and let me get my vision test out of the way, then my # was called.
"How can I help you?"
"I need to renew my license." (Hand him my license.)
"Do you have your birth certificate?"
"Yes. It's the original, so it's very fragile, like me". (Circa 1952.)
"Do you have your S.S. card?"
"Yes." (Hand him the card.)
"Do you have your marriage certificate?" (Because name is different from birth certificate. Whip it out and hand it to him.)
"This is not valid." (OMG)
"Because it's not certified. You need your marriage LICENSE." (Good grief!)
"But it says on my renewal form CERTIFICATE."
"We know. The wording is wrong. We're working on it." (Holy s**t!)
No matter that Social Security issued me a card with my married name, that DMV issued me a license with my married name. Isn't that proof that I LEGALLY changed my name? NOPE!!

SO, I left there with a temporary license good for 90 days. Better than nothing. I don't even have the luxury of just trotting on down to the county courthouse for a new one because we were married when we lived in Lincoln City on the COAST! A 4 hour drive from here. I called and once they receive my payment BY MAIL (they don't take cards over the phone), they will send a copy of our license. I really wanted to get this taken care of on my vacation, so I don't have to rush from work to the DMV.

Can I change the saying "goin' postal" to "goin' dmv"?!?!

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