September 8, 2008

Blue Monday..

Not much of a blue person, though I do like the color. Here's my contribution for the week.

my littlest granddaughter's eyes :-)

Visit our hostess Smiling Sally and all the other participants for more cool blue!


  1. What I wouldn't give for those baby blues!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. I love your choice for Blue Monday. What a darling little grand-daughter you have. I have three blue-eyed grand-daughters myself. Enjoy today....

  3. Oh those are just precious beautiful blue for sure. So stinkin sweet....
    Enjoy your blessings of grandchildren!

  4. My, but she does have stunning blue eyes! That is the perfect "blue" to share.

    take care,

  5. Those are definitely some baby blues! I can't believe you got her to sit still and look at you for the photo!


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