September 5, 2008

Laundry room is...

nearing completion!

everything in my kitchen...

Still need to turn the towel on the curtain rod into a curtain! I plan to cut in down the middle of the length, stitch the ends together to make it long and put in a casing. Instant gathered valance!! (It was very bright in there, so flash didn't go off)

We painted over old wood paneling, so we still need to go over some of the seams with filler and more paint, but it sure looks better!


  1. A BOX OF DUZ -- that is just too perfect!!!!!!!
    I love your laundry room make-over.
    I've noticed, too, how similar we are. I'm a couple of years older than you or I'd think we were separated at birth =)
    But the same cookbook and a similar picture hanging in our homes -- that is just plain scary.

  2. It looks fantastic! Can you please take a close up picture of the valance-to-be when you get a chance? Thank you!


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