October 13, 2008

Ah, Autumn....

My goldfinches have finally arrived, just in time for them to start their migration. I put out two thistle 'socks' and they are loaded nearly all day long! It was impossible to get a good photo as the minute I step to the window, they fly away! This is the best I could do. They are all in their dull fall plumage, but earlier in the season they are a pretty yellow.

Basil kitty sure likes to be out in the yard on these cool, sunny days! I call him my 'container kitty', 'cuz if he can get in it, he will!

I've been trying to get a little decorating done, but it's slow going. Need to go out to the garden and cut some corn stalks. Here are a couple of my favorite fall cuties.

I'll be sure to share more once I get it all out and displayed!

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  1. So that's where all my goldfinch went! And you've had snow! It has been colder than normal around Puget Sound, too.
    I'm getting caught up on your postings -- that is a beautiful doily, you are lucky to have it. You made quite a haul on the vintage items. I wonder how that little tool box with the Dutch people on it was used originally.


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