November 26, 2008

a few things...

Good morning faithful readers :-) Just thought I'd post about a couple of random things.

1. Crass commercial announcement: I'm having a holiday sale in my Etsy shop! 10% off entire purchase now through the New Year! I have a lot of great vintage items listed that would make great gifts for the vintage lover on your list!!

2. It's unfortunate that Blogger does not allow responses to post comments. Don't they realize that we like to dialogue? Anyhoo, Patty asked a couple of questions I'd like to answer here. In response to her question on my "ahhh..." post, no, I didn't take those pictures. I found them on either LOLcats or LOLdogs, and the images moved me very much. Sweet and sad at the same time. She also asked if Basil was in a basket in a comment on this post. Yes, he's ina basket, and I have a whole folder of probably 30 photos of him in various boxes, baskets, etc., including this one in a coiled up hose!!

Isn't that a hoot??? If it looks like he can get any part of his body in it, he will, no matter the size of the container.
And Patty, I'm kind of a sock geek as well :-)

3. I'm quickly coming up on my 200th post!!! Who'd a thunk it that just 6 or so months ago I would even HAVE a blog! It's been real fun so far, and I'm thinking hard on what to include in my big GIVEAWAY when that 200th post hits. I have some thoughts, so stay tuned!!

Hope everyone of you delightful friends in blogland have a awesome Thanksgiving! Stay warm, stay well and don't eat too much! Well, ok, eat a lot! It's a feast for heavens sake!!!

I will leave you with a cute picture. It's actually one of my favorite desktop images :-)


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