November 8, 2008

Pink Saturday...

It rolls around fast!!!
Here are my contributions on this lovely PINK day!!

Pretty PINK potholders!

and the bed linens I bought for my granddaughter!
Love the little PINK roses!

As always, a warm Pink Thank You to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for graciously hosting this fun event every Saturday! Visit her blog to see the hundreds of participants!!


  1. Every girls needs pretty pink sheets! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Oh, I think I'd be afraid to get kitchen grease on those pretty potholders!

    Have a wonderful pink Saturday.

  3. Ooooh I know I shouldn't, but I covet those darling little potholders!

  4. Vintage and PINK, perfect combination! Those sheets would give anyone sweet dreams.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Llyn.

    Girl, I am so loving those potholders. You better keep your eye on me if I come visit.

  6. Happy late Pink Saturday..The potholders are one of the first things I made, when I learned to crochet as a young girl. I still love the pattern. Have a great week..:)

  7. Very pretty pinks. Happy Belated Pink Saturday.

  8. I love the pretty, who would want to actually use them??

    Happy Pink Saturday!


    P.S. Loved the video!!! Just loved it. I also love that movie and the song, but I haven't seen the video before...what a hottie!!


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