November 23, 2008

A tag...

Saw this on Patty's blog and thought it would be fun.

Do this.....
Find the 6th folder in your photos folder and then the 6th photo in it.
Post it on your blog.
Tag 5 others, leave a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged.

Here's my 6 and 6:

It's a picture of goldfinches on their "sock" last summer. What you see in the air around them is water from the sprinkler. I thought it looked way cool!

I am on my way to tag you!

Quirky Cottage
Bye-Bye Pie!
Corgi Tails
Smiling Sally
Pam Kitty Morning


  1. Llyn, I love tags, but I am such a bad photographer that I don't even have ONE photo folder! So, I have to pass on this one. Sorry. :-(

  2. I found my 6th. I will post tomorrow morning. Shockingly, it is a photo of my pets...

  3. That is a really cool picture. I love the sprinkler water. Thanks for doing this, Llyn!


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