December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Festivities

Hope you all had a great Ho Ho day! We sure did!

We started with a light breakfast and lot's of hot coffee
while the critters waited not-so-patiently to open gifts.

Then it was time! I love watching the animals get new toys
as much as I love it when little humans open new treasures!

Happy happy happy!

Even Basil was enraptured with his new catnip playthings.

Couldn't get Puck to stand still long enough for a photo.
He was happily throwing and chasing his new mouse
all over the house!! But, I did get a photo of him
'helping' to wrap packages!

Then it was time to put dinner in the oven.

At 4:30, we sat down to this:

The sauce I made for the roast was yummo, to
coin a phrase from Rachael Ray.
The red wine was the over-the-top element.
Mental note: do more cooking with wine.

Dessert was something different for a change. I received a
gift card to World Market, so we decided to try this:

MDH thinks it's hilarious and he plans to name his blog after it
when he gets around to setting it up. Ah, me. Men.

It was actually quite good, especially the warmed
custard over the top. We decided
that it will be our Christmas Day
dinner dessert from now on. The rest of the
day we just watched movies in our pj's and relaxed.

"Thank you mommy, for all my presents!"

So, how do you all plan to spend to spend New Year's? We are staying HOME!

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  1. I totally should have named my blog Spotted Dick! Your dinner looks good - we had brussel sprouts too. How did you make the sauce?


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