January 10, 2009


A week without a post and here it is PINK SATURDAY again! Here are my contributions for this week.

Found this adorable necklace holder at an antique mall. I don't think she's even vintage, but I love her. I so needed someplace for my necklaces so they wouldn't constantly be tangled! Her skirt is made of long fringe and beads. So pretty!!

While we were taking down holidays decos, I was thinking of maybe next year putting a small tree in my studio with a pink and turquoise theme to match the studio decor. That very same day we had to go to ~shudder~ Wal-mart for kitty litter, and managed to hit the 75% day for holiday stuff. While MDH sttod in the mile long line to check out, I wandered a bit and happened upon this...

a 4' tall, pre-lit PINK tree for $5.00!!! It went in the cart so fast MDH didn't know what had hit him! Thank goodness he indulges me!!

Click on the little PINK china doll to visit Beverly with more PINK goodies!!

I'd also like to add that Sondra at The Many Shades of Pink has monthly contests for you to enter..all PINK related!! What fun!!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Llyn.

    I can't wait to see that pink tree all decorated for Christmas this year. Maybe you need to get a jumpstart by decorating it for Valentine's Day.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting me on Pink Saturday. I bought a pink tree too! I am very tempted to put it up for Valentines day. Love your blog. Come back to visit again.

  3. Your pink necklace holder is adorable...and about your pink christmas tree for next year...I had one this year and loved it....and what a buy.....
    Mo :-)

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. Love your little necklace "dress". It's great to find such things!

  5. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog for Pink Saturday. I am kicking myself for not going after Christmas shopping! A pink tree would have looked so cute in the baby's room in a couple of years. Ah well. Maybe they'll be back next year. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Love your litle necklaceholder. So cute

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  8. That's just adorable! I love pink and turquoise so I'll be waiting for next Christmas to see that cute tree. You asked about the glittery stuff...just go to Blinge and you can make magical pictures, too! It's so much fun. Thanks for the info on the new blog you mentioned. I'm headed over to check it out because I need to waste more time looking a neat blogs! LOL Happy Pink Saturday. :)Nancy

  9. I LOVE your $5.00 pink tree! How cute, and just imagine the decorating possibilities! :-)

  10. I love your pink tree and I also love your plastic bag holder. I hafta make one for myself.Happy belated Pink Saturday..

  11. I LOVE your little pink tree! I NEED one!
    Your jewelry girl is pretty! I have 2 on my dresser...I used to sell them at my store, couldn't keep them in stock! Pretty and practical!
    Thanks for stopping by my 1st Pink Saturday post!
    Have a happy week!

  12. Thanks for your visit and happy 2009! Hope to see you again on the next pink Saturday!

    All the best,

  13. I love the pink tree, and at a great price! Happy belated pink Saturday.


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