May 11, 2009

Belated Mother's Day

I know that yesterday was Mother's Day, but I just came across these old photos that I thought I would share.

My mom's HS graduation photo..

Patricia Ann Riley. Would have been around 1948, I believe. Love the rooster scatter pins on her sweater!

My grandmother.....

Edith Irene (Holmes) Riley. Taken in the 40's sometime, I'm sure. She passed away several years ago. We called her Nannie. She was a statuesque lady of 5' 8"in her younger years, but oteoperosis did it's damage and prior to her death she was about 5" or so. Yes, I take my calcium :-)

This is my favorite...

Mom, Nannie and Grandma Holmes (May Elizabeth), my great-grandmother, at the beach around 1945. Beautiful women all, and I'm proud of where I come from.


  1. Your mom, grandmother and great grandmother are all beautiful ladies! I just love looking at their clothes. They were stylin! And their hair, I just love their hair styles! Those are some real Treasured pictures you have!

  2. Wow your mom was beautiful!!! We may be related!!!! My great grandmother was a Holmes. I have the family tree so I am going to have to check things out!!! I will let you know!!

  3. Oh yeah!! I got my goodies!! I LOVE IT ALLLLLL!! The pyrex little bowl was broken but everything else came in great!! Thank you so much!!

  4. I just love these old photos and how lucky that they are family!!
    Lucky you!


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