May 4, 2009

Thrify Treasures Monday

Thrifty Treasures Monday is here!

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We had an awesome thriftin' and junkin' weekend. Saturday we hit all the stores in town, then yesterday we went to a nearby town to a large thrift store sponsored by the local Senior Center.

Here is my treasure trove....

3 yards of sweet cotton fabric on the left, to add to my quilt fabric stash, and a set of 100% cotton sheets on the right. Love the print!

Another Pyrex custard cup, 2 vintage cookbooks, and a turquoise oval Pyrex casserole that will go into service in my craft room.

Some pretty pink fabric, an awesome ironstone plate, and padded hangers. I never seem to have enough of these!

A really cute birdhouse hanging thingie to add to my collection.

A large leather tote bag by Banana Republic in nearly new condition.

Vintage books. One of my passions.

Another dressed up cow to add to THIS collection.

Two pretty rose prints for the master bath, a to die for lampshade, and a sweet wooden bunny with pink bow.

And all these lovely little items!

We stopped at a mom and pop hamburger stand on the way out of town, and this is what greeted us in the parking lot.....

"grrrrrr...I'm guardin' my Daddies pick-'em-up truck, and I'm dang serious about it!!" LOL!!!

Till next week...


  1. Hi, Llyn, thanks for playing this week. I just love how all of us have different things we look for, but it's just as much fun to get out there & see what we can find. You got some great things for your home. That dog is hilarious. You are right, he's serious about his guardin'.

  2. Love the color of the pyrex dish you found!!! The leather bag is beautiful as well.

  3. You scored! Fun! That dog does look very serious.

    Mermaid Debbie

  4. Wonderful finds for your home. The doggie scares Have a great day. Debbie

  5. Love the birdhouse hanging thingy and the lampshade! Thanks for sharing your finds! That dog is huge! He looks very serious too!

  6. Lovely stuff you got...and oh, that dog. I love him!

  7. Such lovely treasures!!! I'm crazy about the birdhouse thingie, and the tote is great. The last photo before the dog has some great finds in it. The dog is kind of perplexed don't you think?


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