October 26, 2009

Want a cookie?

I was in the mood for some home baked cookies, but wasn't relishing the idea of pulling out the mixer and a trillion ingredients. I happened to find this quick little recipe in one of my vintage cookbooks. It's a 1965 Bisquick cookbook, and the recipe is QUICK, the cookies are yummy and there's only FOUR ingredients!

For my first batch I used vanilla pudding. The dough is quick to mix....looks like this...

I used one level measuring spoon for cookies about the size of vanilla wafers.

Ovens may vary, so watch your cooking time. My first batch was too done at the listed 8 minutes, so I cut it back to 6 and they were perfect.

They are really yummy and not overly sweet. Perfect little bites. I liked them so much I made some more with this...

MDH LOVES them! Next, I'm going to try chocolate, butterscotch and, maybe, pistachio!

EDIT: The chocolate was AWFUL!! I don't recommend it. However, I just tried French Vanilla and rolled them in cinnamon sugar before flattening. Just like mini Snickerdoodles!! VERY yummy!


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