January 15, 2010

Swat's goin' on at my house you ask ??

This was the scene when MDH and I got back from our Thrift Store run.


It's been going on about 2 hours. Apparently there is a hostage situation in a house on our road. Two swat teams and bullhorns... "Come out the front door. No one will get hurt." I can't tell you how uneasy this makes me. I used my zoom lens, so, no, it's not that close to my house, but still too close for comfort.


  1. Oh Llyn, I hope everything turns out okay. That has to be so scary. I thought you had photos from one of those CSI shows! Great photos, horrible subject matter!

    Be safe!

  2. Oh NO! How unfun! Hope it all went ok.
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Oh my word! How scary! Everything okay now?

  4. Very unsettling. Apparently there was a drug bust on our street recently and I was totally aware of the situation...thankfully. I wouldn't want to see the swat team on my street. Hope it was settled peacefully.

  5. I meant to say unaware, not aware. oops.

  6. Oh, Llyn... how scary. I hope it turned out o.k. Stay safe.


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