August 4, 2010

{Finally time to post}

Well, I'm back...with a new name and a new look. The move went well, we're pretty much settled in, but, sad to say, not a single space in the house is 'done'. SOOO, I won't be sharing any pictures today.

BUT, I would like to share some pictures of our County Fair. MDH and I went this past Sunday. It was the last day, and admission was really cheap.

I love the retro feel of a county fair. Takes me back to my childhood.

AND, my favorite part...the animal barns!


And the highlight of any fair trip.....


Don't you just want to kiss those tummies and snouts? Precious!

I'll be back soon with some pictures of parts of the house and yard that ARE 'done' to my satisfaction..if that's at all possible ~grin~. Be sure to start following this 'new' blog!

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  1. Lori, I love your photos, keep it up, Tommy

    ps your profile photo is adorable


I'm so happy that you visited my little blog! Thank you for the lovely comment and have a superb day!!