August 26, 2010

{Some thrifty finds}

Out and about yesterday to pick up a picnic table found on Craigslist (of course it will be painted white), had to stop at a junk store that I rarely get to. Found this excellent mirror with hooks.....

...will be painting it white, and it's going in the laundry room.

Also found this sweet plaster bird. It's actually quite large, about 13" tail to nose. Guess what color it's going to be???? Yea, you guessed it...WHITE! I''ll be back with pictures once they're done!!!

Talk at ya later!

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  1. I'd love to find a picnic table, but I'd like one that doesn't have seats attached. A 3 piece set. They don't seem to sell them like that anymore. I'd love to see your mirror when it's painted white!


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