September 16, 2010

{Thriftin' Again}

Tuesday MDH and I had to go into the 'city' to do some errands. We live in a little country town with not a lot of good thriftin' opportunities, so we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone (hmm..I really don't like that analogy, being a bird lover and all) and hit the Thrift Store's there ( or Charity Shops, if you're British ~grin~). I did find some pretty niftie thrifties!

This DARLING little chippy kids chair and iron planter thingie. The chair is perfect as will go in the garden with a planter on it next spring. The iron planter will, of course, get a coat of white paint and hang on the shed wall near my potting spring.

MDH found this neat thingie...he thought the box was cute and interesting.

 A small Gooseberry pattern Pyrex bowl in BLACK. Not easy to find. And a sweet little refrigerator dish.

 A sweet little vase. I collect all manner of items in this pattern, as do a lot of folks 
whose blogs I read. I just love it!

A lovely Moss Rose pattern bowl.....

A sweet blue satin dresser box. I have never seen one like this before with all of the small compartments.

Last but not least, this precious Rosina teacup and saucer. Yum.

What treasures did YOU uncover this week???

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  1. They are all lovely.
    My favourite is the iron wall planter.
    But the cup and saucer and the vase and the bowl and everything else is just as beautiful!
    This week I bought a few woolen tapestries from ebay.
    (Hope to show it sometime!)
    Take care,



I'm so happy that you visited my little blog! Thank you for the lovely comment and have a superb day!!