October 10, 2010

{ Having a lazy Sunday }

Not much going on here today. Worked a really long shift yesterday so I'm bushed. Just been donig a little painting, a little fluffing around the house. Thought I'd share a couple piccies of some of my favorite things around the house.

Two of my vintage planters. I am addicted to hens and chicks. Have them planted in EVERYTHING!

All three of these came from Goodwill. My favorite thrifty finds.
(the photo on the left that you see in the background is me and my little sister circa 1961. The one on the right is my lovely grandmother circa 1920-ish. I treasure these photos)

You can click on all of my photos to make them larger!

Have an excellent Sunday!!


  1. Hi Lori Lynn! Oh, what lovely planters you have! I didn't know that hens and chicks would grown inside! They looks so pretty and neat!
    Weren't you the cutest little thing! I love seeing olden photos too!
    I'm just thrilled you'll be coming to my party!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I love Hens and Chicks, too, but don't have any. Hmmm, I should get me some. LOVE the planters and the Goodwill finds are so pretty!

  3. Oh I love hen and chicks too!!!A friend of mine turned me on to them this summer and I love them!!

    Love every piece you have hun, esspecially the last 3!!!

  4. Your vintage planters are both so pretty and look really nice planted with the hens & chicks. Love the floral patterns.

  5. Your planters are so darling...
    I love them all!



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