October 1, 2010


For those of you wondering, I googled it. It's an advertising gimmick/gizmo that you add to your blog. When you click on a link within a blog it pops-up with product advertising. It's HERE if you want to check it out. This is what it says in a nutshell:

Snap Shots is the world's most popular way to give your users a more fun and interactive experience on your site or blog. It's a complete system designed to help you get more from your site.
  • Snap Shots uses your links to bring the most appropriate information about the sites you're pointing to. Your audience doesn't even have to leave your site to get the best of other sites.
  • Snap Shares gives you a portion of the ads that appear in Snap Shots and lets you do what you wish — market yourself or share them with charity.
I've nearly quit reading blogs that have it. Chaps my hide. At least with ads on sidebars I can CHOOSE to look at them.

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