November 18, 2010

{ It's the little things... }

Yes, it's always the smallest things that make me the happiest. MDH and I were out doing our Thanksgiving dinner shopping yesterday and I found the sweetest thing! I LOVE Whitman's Sampler tins...the TINY ones... I use them for everything...pins, buttons whatever. They haven't put out a new pattern for a long while...until now.

 The most PERFECT shade of aqua! I am in love!
(wish I could find this design in the BIG one!)

(remember..clicking on my pics will make them bigger!)


  1. Love it--the color is great and it matches your blog perfectly :)

  2. I have not seen that one either. I love the design and color.

  3. That is on my list! Love the color!
    I have a Christmas one that I have some die cuts in. It's perfect!
    And remember the sucrets tins? My mom used those for years for needles and buttons and screws and all kinds of things!
    Hugs- Tete

  4. Okay, where did you find that sweet tin at??!! I must find a couple for myself, I mean for gifts :) Thanks,
    deb :)


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