November 25, 2010

{ Today... }

Before we sat down to dinner...
(Yes, we had turkey, too! It's on the island )

Before the clean-up. Yikes! We're messy!
Must be the champagne ~wink~

I'll leave you with a sweet photo taken early this morning.
I LOVE Flickers!

Hope your day was fun! Ours was!


  1. Looks good, Lori! Love the little bird and your snow- we got some this evening, too.
    Yeah- I'm coming to your house next year!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. We went in to see my grandma in the nursing home yesterday for one hour and when we came out snow was everywhere-it was so magical-I love the first snow of the season! The shoppers will be out in full force today-hopefully I'll be ready for them! At the nursing home they have a big aquarium(?) with little different birds-it's wonderful-I'm going to try and get a picture next time I go for the blog-I love watching the birds-don't know how they do it outside in all different temperatures! Once we start feeding -have to keep it up or they'll starve!! Happy Black Friday!


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