December 28, 2010

{ Whew! It's Over! }

Wow! This was one hectic Christmas for me! I ended up having to work most of the week before the big day. Got off at 3 pm Christmas Eve and went right to my sister's house. She does an awesome Christmas Eve every year. I wish I had taken photos of her decorations. Her entire house is Country Blue and white and all of her decos are blue, white and silver. Simply breathtaking. They have a WII, and even though I was bone-tired from working, she managed to coerce me into joining her for a go at Madonna's "Holiday" on Dance Blast (I think it's called). Anyway...what fun...and what a work-out!!!

Christmas morning was quiet, except for my favorite part of the morning. That's when the puppers open their gifts. They know it's Christmas, and I can't put their gifts under the tree anymore because Bailey steals them ,takes them under the bed and unwraps them. Too funny.

Here are some photos of the fun....

This is Bailey nomming on Santa...

Violet gets a new Hedgie every year and goes straight for the nose!

Needless to say, the living room was full of stuffing in short order! Fun was had by all :-) And how was YOUR holiday???


  1. Utterly amazing!!!
    My name is Lori Lynn too! I just happened upon your blog and am so surprised we have a identical name!
    I posted your adorable button on my sidebar, hope to get to know you better! Lori Lynn!

  2. Such sweet photos! Violet and Bailey's toys look like the toys around here hours after opening them up. Crazy how they aren't happy until they've successfully pulled it open or wrecked a squeaker (another fav).


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