January 11, 2011

{ Just checking in... }

Checking in to see how all my blog buddies are doing! My work week is over, so on to some much needed down time. I thought our store would cease being so busy after the holidays, but that hasn't happened yet. Good for business...but not my FEET! LOL! Not much happening on the home front. Laundry and cleaning today so the rest of my days off can be lazy ~grin~.Trying to re-teach myself crochet. My grandmother taught me a LONG time ago, but it's not really like riding a bike! I totally forgot how to do it :-( I really love Granny Squares, but lately I have been enamored by Granny Circles... like this...

 Doesn't look too difficult. I can do that! Once I get my crochet mojo back, I want to do this pattern....

 Aren't these squares to die for??? And the colors! Oh, my! I love it!

I will be sure to show you my progress once I get "hooking" again!!! LOL!

Love to you all,


  1. aww..these bring back sweet memories. My grandmother crocheted. This has always been one of my favorite patterns! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. My Nanny too used to make beautiful blankets out of granny squares! Put up your feet and take a break ... you deserve it!

  3. Knitting and crochet is something I've not done much of, but this makes me want to give it another shot. I LOVE those colors! I'm sure I could do a simple granny square.

  4. i love the colors and design of those squares! your grandmother was so talented. so many ladies of her generation were so creative. love it!

  5. This is beautiful Lori Lynn. I adore the colors - so vintage feeling and "cozy".

  6. I just love these too and I have an older book with a similar pattern on the cover. I see it every day and drool. I plan to make one too some day soon...I hope! Same pretty colors too.


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