March 2, 2011

{ How often do you see this? }

(Click to enlarge)

This little girl brought her pet chicken in to shop with her at the Rite-Aid where I work. It was so cute that I thought I would share. Bock Bock Bock!!!


  1. lol - how funny! There is a lady who takes her parrot on her mobility scooter at the boot sale I go to, always makes me smile :o) Scarlett x

  2. You know you are not in Cali when you see that. How funny!!

  3. adorable. my three year old would love to have a pet chicken come shopping with us.


  4. I don't think I've ever seen that! Too funny!

  5. That's just too funny. We see some strange things here in our little town, especially in Walmart, but I've never seen a chicken on a shopping spree. Just took a look at a couple of posts back at all your GW finds. Cute valance you made with that sheet. It's kind of feast or famine at our GW. Either I find nothing or I find a bunch. Fun either way!

  6. Ha! Now that's great!! Did she have a chicken nappie on it to catch the "treasures"? :-) My Lucy Lou would love the kind of attention she'd get being chauffered around in a grocery cart. I took her to the vet once and boy did she love all the talking and whispering about her.

  7. I hope you kept her away from the cadbury eggs! That would probably not have worked out!
    Did she bock at the prices? I hope not!
    Yeah, that could happen here, too.
    Hugs- Tete

  8. Oh my gosh-this is too hilarious!! That is definitely not a site you see everyday :) LOL


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