December 28, 2011

{ Our Christmas }

 Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was very nice. Had a special Christmas Eve dinner at my nephews home. Turkey, Prime Rib...the works! They have a very lovely home and it was nice to have the family together.

My sweet Grandnieces

Christmas day was spent in my jammies! Hubby slept til noon, as he works a graveyard shift 7 days a  week. The puppers knew it was Christmas and Bailey couldn't wait so he stole a present and took it under the bed to unwrap and gut the stuffing out. Silly little boy!

This may be Violet's last Christmas with us so I got LOT"S of photos of her with her pressies!



Hope the New Year brings you all you want...
and be Safe!! 


  1. Sweet photos. Your dogs are darling. Are they both Corgis?

  2. Aww. great photos of your nieces and pups! Glad your Christmas was nice.
    Happy New Year!
    I hope we ALL have the best Year ever!

  3. Dogs and little girls........Alllll too darn cute!

    Glad you enjoyed your day... We finally wrapped everything up today. The house is quiet, the mess is all put away and things are going back to normal.....well, whatever that is. :-)



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