April 26, 2008


..for DH to get up. Today is the last day that we have to go to our friend M's house to help her finish up with her move to NY. The pets have been shipped, the movers have come for the furniture and now we will clean the house for her to get ready for the renters. Ah, me. It's the last thing I want to do today, but our friend is disabled and needs our help.

We have been working on this 'project' for nearly a month now. DH has made numerous trips to the dump and the thrift stores with years of accumulated detritus. M's DH left for NY on the 18th of March to start a new job and M had to stay behind to deal with the enormity of such a move. I think she has been in denial because it's taken much coaxing on our part to get her to this point. The upside is that we've been paid well for our services, as the new job is paying for the move and all of the extraneous expenses associated with such a move. It's been a win/win situation, but I'm so tired today and just want to rest! C'est la vie!

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