May 4, 2008

Where'd all this junk come from?

Had a yard sale this weekend. Good grief!! How do two people accumulate so much stuff??? We usually do this once a year, and every year I say it's the last year, but the stuff just breeds I think! I always tell myself to only buy what I really LOVE and want to keep forever, but due to my capricious nature I always end up with a surfeit of unloved and unwanted items. AND due to the stingy part of my psyche I can't bear to just give it away to thrift stores. I try to squeeze every penny I can from the stuff before it goes away. I mean, I paid some good $$ for the stuff, right? Shouldn't I get some of it back? Even if it means schlepping and toting and trying to convince folks to buy my junk when I know good and well they have junk of their own??

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