May 27, 2008

Memorial weekend...

was wet and rainy. Didn't get anything done outside, but managed to get some things done in the house, mainly my studio/office. Feels great when there's some table space to actually get some craft projects done.
My studio is not as pretty as Posie's, but it IS functional!! Actually, it used to be our living room, but since there's just the two of us, we decided to use the little den off the kitchen for our TV room, etc. That little room has a nice patio door and deck out to the side yard, which is now the fenced dog yard. Took us FOREVER to get the fence up! For years I had to take the dogs out to potty on leashes...any hour of the day, rain or shine. Once we got the fence up and I could just open the door and let them out, I would ask myself daily, how could I have NOT had a fence all these years!!

Most of the weekend was food driven. MDH works swing shift so we don't see each other during the week at all. Sitting down to dinner together is very important so I try to fix nice meals. Bought some nice organic peaches at Trader Joe's, so I decided to make some peach shortcake. I've come to the conclusion that I don't care for Bisquick. Nothing ever seems to come out the way I like. Maybe I should start doing everything from scratch.
Bisquick..hate it!

Whipping cream...yum!

Peaches..double yum!

I'll leave you with the cutest picture ever. "I just LOVE my scratch post, Mommy!"


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  1. Wow. I don't think I have ever seen that room quite THAT clean!


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