May 22, 2008

Took a short break...

Last weekend the weather was incredible!! HOT HOT HOT!!!! Tried to get some work done outside, but didn't make much headway as it was almost impossible to breath. I don't do well when it's really hot, nor do I do well when it's really cold. Gimme 70-75 degrees with no humidity and I'll be a happy camper. Although, I DO like what the heat and sun does for my laundry when I hang it out. There's just something about line-dried sheets that makes me all fuzzy inside. They smell so great, and even look cleaner than when they go through the machine. AND, if there's a nice breeze, NO WRINKLES, which is a plus as I only have white, 100% cotton sheets on my bed. No poly-cotton percale will ever touch this body again! What a difference!!

Got a little done during the week, but , again, not much. My job drains me a little, so all I want to do when I get home is take a nap! Did manage to get the Hummer feeders up, and hang a couple of squirrel feeders way out in the pasture to try to get the little dickens to stay out of the bird seed!!!! Also filled the thistle feeders in anticipation of the Gold Finches return. Can't wait!!

Slowly getting the Yard 'junk' out of storage. Too much work!! There's nothing that's worth much, so who cares if it stays out all winter?? If it rots and falls apart I'll just go thrifting and buy more. Beside, the yard looks too bare when everything is packed up for the winter and out of sight.

This weekend is Memorial weekend and I hope it's cooler!!! Got a list of projects a mile long and three days to do it in. I will be sure to take before and after pictures!!

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