July 20, 2008

Restaurant ratings...

We rarely eat out. I prefer to cook at home, and I'm a dyed-in-the-wool homebody. BUT, because MDH works for Gusto magazine, we get gift cards to a lot of places as a comp for the price of the gas he uses for his deliveries. Friday night we went to the Bend Fish Company. I have NEVER been to a dirtier restaurant . The floors were gross, the trash overflowing, and we had to wipe down our own table. The counter girl was sullen, and there were rude and crude handwritten signs plastered around. "Don't be mean, leave some green" on the tip jar; "This food is prepared by human beings. we're sorry if we've inconvenienced you". What the heck does that mean? Don't complain if your fish is overcooked, which mine was. Good grief!

We really love Baldy's BBQ. They have the best pulled pork I've ever had. BUT, the last three times we've ordered take-out, they have got our order WRONG, which we didn't discover till the food was home. Granted, after the first time we should have checked it right there and then, but get real people!! It's not rocket science!

Saturday we had to deliver Gusto Suttle Lake Lodge. We had a $50 gift card for The Boathouse Restaurant there.

Wow wow wow! Awesome food!! Great service!! The restaurant is right on the lake near the marina and it was fabulous!! I had Kobe Beef Sliders (little burgers), with wild morels, caramelized onion, and herb truffle cheese. Heaven!! We'll go back for sure. Maybe for my birthday next month.. (or maybe The Blacksmith. I've heard it's great!)

We're a big fan of "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" on Food Network. If you're ever in Prineville, go the "Tastee Treet" drive-in. Awesome burgers and the line was out the door!!

Next on our list of comped dinners is China Sun, the MOST incredible Asian buffet that you can imagine!! And also Rigoberto's Taco Shop. There's nothing like Mexican!!

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