July 20, 2008

Yesterday's sojourn...

Upon walking in the front door of Neat Repeat, the senior center thrift store, I heard a very faint grunting coming from off to my right near the children's department. The sound grew louder as I neared the stuffies, where I found this little girl with just her little face peeking out! Meet Polly Pink Piggy!

Isn't her little dress adorable?? She even has a little curly piggy tail on her wee backside! Love her!!

Got this little cutie..

Found a very unusual jar, well, unusual to me, as I've never seen this type of lid before. It's metal with a glass insert and a rubber gasket.

I'm a sucker for jars. Go figure. Other than this jar and Polly, it was pretty much a disappointment. Did find a few vintage items, but they had them priced higher than you find them in an antique store!

Speaking of antique stores, we passed one on our way out of town a MDH decided he wanted to go in. I resisted because I have no will power and antique store prices are just too high for my miserly blood. Well, I'm glad we stopped, because we found something MDH has wanted for the yard for a REALLY long time.

It's rusty and a little dented on the other side, but it was only $19!!! Charming! (Don't look at my poor basil plants. It's been quite hot here, and the poor things are suffering.)

I got these... (they were on sale, too!)

and this..

On the way from Prineville to Redmond, we took the back roads to see the scenery and were nearly killed by a huge BUZZARD that flew off a fencepost right in front of the car. Jeez-o-pete, I nearly had a heart attack!!

Once in Redmond we only went to Goodwill. I found this cute little chest that I still don't know what I'm going to do with, but I really liked it. Some sewing or crafting paraphernalia probably, or maybe a hankie chest 'cuz I have so dang many now!!

Also, bought a couple of books, and MDH got a way cool Hawaiian shirt to add to his ever growing collection.

All in all, it was a fun day, kind of like a little vacation. We rarely leave town for anything, so it was an adventure.

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  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! My mother has the little zinc lids with glass inserts on some of her vintage glass jars! Too cool! Love Miss Pink Piggy...


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