August 31, 2008

Vintage travel trailers..

I have become enamored of them. It is a whole sub-culture that I only recently discovered. I'd like nothing better than to find an old one and restore it. Now that I'm 'looking', here is what we discovered at the lot next to MDH's work building, hiding in the bushes from embarrassment. We're going to ask if it's for sale :-)


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  2. Petite trailers are cute to look at. It would be great fun to fix one up (and a lot of work). But, one of the rewards for living to a ripe old age that I've given myself is to never go camping in a trailer again! It's either Motel or no go. =)

    Llyn, there is an award waiting for you at

  3. Great minds think alike, perhaps? Love the pink trailer...hope that one is for sale at a bargain price for you...and you must take us step by step in a redo!

  4. Try the 50 state vintage trailer clubs.....There is a vintage trailer club for all 50 states in the U.S.A.

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