November 2, 2008

A sighting...

Saw this little guy in the backyard this afternoon. This is not my pic, as he was too 'flighty' to get a picture of. I'm was really excited to see him as my wild birds have been few and far between this year due to some really bossy blue jays that have taken up residence on our property. He didn't stay around long, and he probably won't be back :-(

Update: thought some of you might want to know what he is! He's a Rufous-sided Towhee!!


  1. He really has some cool markings. What kind of bird is he?

  2. Hi. You were the member above me in the SITS roll call. Reading about your bird watching reminds me of my mother and father. (I hope that doesn't sound offensive or ageISH) They both really enjoy it...funny how they're divorced and they seem to be doing a LOT of the same activities...separately. I laugh. Have a great rest of the week!

  3. I have those at my feeders all year long. They are amazing with all of those colors. They seem to get along with the other feeding birds.


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