January 11, 2009

Pass this award around....

Isabella at Isabellas Closet has this to say: "Weeks ago I designed this little "Smile award" button. My plan was to give it to you Guys & Gals in blog land who make me smile. There are so many. Now instead I just want you to take this "Smile award" & pass it around. Give it to blogs that make you smile, Guys or Gals who make you smile.. whatever whoever."

What a nice thought! So, if you're here reading Llyn M, and you are smiling, take this cute award for your very own and PASS IT AROUND!!!


  1. Hi Llyn, You have such a sweet, happy looking blog! I can see why you awarded this award, cause you certainly deserve it!

    Love the bears below! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! It was so nice to meet you and hope you will be back! ~Rhonda :)

  2. I just tagged you for a fun and easy photo tag.


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