February 20, 2009

Bathroom facelift...

We live in a really old house, and nothing much has been done to it for a lot of years. We decided recently to do some face-lifting, so we started on the bathroom. It's amazing what just painting all of the trim and changing out the fixtures can do!

We started with this...


and went to this....

The cabinets looked like this...

NOW, they look like this...

Nice and clean!

We have a cabinet over the toilet that had doors and stored all of this...

We left the doors off and now it looks like this!

and stores this!

The shelves aren't completely arranged yet, as I have a few more lovelies coming from eBay, but you get the idea!! Much much nicer!!!


  1. Much much nicer! I'm sure you're going to do wonderful things with this room.

  2. The new towel racks and the handles on the cabinets are nice. And I love what you did with the cabinet over the toilet. What nice way to display all your pretty treasures. I like all your little pitchers. I had planned on putting up a pink metal shelf in my bathroom but I could never get it level so now I just have two small holes in the wall. lol

  3. Very nice! The cabinet without the doors is fantastic! ♥ Diane

  4. What a change!! I love the colection you added to what used to be the medacine cabinet.

  5. Looks beautiful, Llyn. Now you can save that picture of the Pepto Bismol for a Pink Saturday post! Ha!


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